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Collins - Get Ready For IELTS - Reading

Collins - Get Ready For IELTS - Reading

Mã sản phẩm: (Đang cập nhật...) Sách Bán Chạy - Nơi Khơi Nguồn Tri Thức
Thương hiệu: Nhân Trí Việt
Tình trạng: Hết hàng
  • Tên Nhà Cung Cấp Cty Nhân Trí Việt
  • Tác giả Els Van Geyte
  • Nhà Xuất Bản : NXB Tổng Hợp TPHCM
  • Năm Xuất Bản 2018
  • Kích thước 19 x 25cm
  • Số trang 136
  • Hình thức Bìa Mềm
108.000₫ Giá thị trường: 136.000₫


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Collins - Get Ready For IELTS - Reading

Who is this book for?

Get Ready for IELTS Reading has been written for learners with a band score of 3 or 4 who want to achieve a higher score. Using this book will help you improve your pre-intermediate reading skills for the IELTS Academic Reading test.

You can use Get Ready for IELTS Reading:

- As a self-study course. We recommend that you work systematically through the 12 units in order to benefit from its progressive structure.

- As a supplementary reading skills course for IELTS preparation classes. The book provides enough material for approximately 50 hours of classroom activity.

Get ready for IELTS Reading

- This book consists of 12 units. Each unit focuses on different topic, and these topics are ones that often appear in the IELTS test.

- After every three units, there is a Review which helps you to revise the language and skills covered in the previous units.

- At the end of the book, the Practice test gives you the opportunity to take an IELTS-style test under test conditions.

- There is also a full Answer key at the back of the book so you can check your answers. Here you will find possible answers for more open-ended questions and suggested answers for the exam practice questions in Part 3 of each unit.

- The Glossary at the back of the book lists the useful words and phrases with their definitions.

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